The Differences Between Waters

Spring Water

  • Is derived from an underground source that flows to the earth’s surface through a natural orifice.
  • No minerals are added or removed from the water (only large particles)
  • The water is ozonated to kill bacteria (not chlorinated)

Distilled Water

  • The water is boiled until it vaporizes and leaves any impurities behind.
  • All minerals are removed through this process and no minerals are added to the distilled water.
  • The water is ozonated to kill bacteria (not chlorinated)
  • Distilled water is deionized

Purified Water

  • All minerals are removed by a process called reverse osmosis (RO)
  • Pressurized water is forced through a semi permeable membrane that rejects impurities suspended in the water.
  • RO water is deionized (not chlorinated)

Artesian Water

  • Artesian water is pumped to the earth’s surface from a confined aquifer such as an underground layer of water, rock or sand.

Tap Water

  • Water that is often treated by a city’s water plant with chlorine to kill bacteria.

Mineral Water

  • Contains large amounts of naturally occurring minerals (at least 250 parts per million)


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